Art Immersion Classes
with Susan Fryer Voigt

Art Immersion Sessions:

    Alternating Mondays:                10 AM-1 PM

    Alternating Tuesday Evenings:   6-9 PM

    Alternating Wednesdays:        11:00 AM-2:00 PM

Note for Continuing Participants:  For those who have been attending classes, there are a few changes:  the price is $30 per each
session, there will be two shows to display your art per year and you have four Saturday sessions to choose from as well as weekday. You
don't need to take the one-hour session.

Everyone will work on their own project with assistance from Susan.Susan will assist you in your artistic journey from concept through
completion. She will help with:
o        Your goal (perhaps it is to paint the inside of a flower similar to what Georgia O'Keeffe painted)
o        In determining  the medium, surface and tools that will work the best
o        By providing demos, books, articles, links on the internet, and critiques
o        Options for how best to present your finished piece.

Price per three-hour group session: $30

Requirements for Participation:

o        Can join the immersion sessions at any time
o        Participants who have never attended class - please contact Susan to discuss what you would like to accomplish
o        No experience necessary
o        Let Susan know you will be attending a session (limited to six participants)
o        Attend as many sessions as you would like
o        Determine what you want to paint or draw
o        Compile inspiration materials: photos, clippings, websites, .....
o        Bring any supplies you might want to use or purchase @ Susan's Art Supply Store
o        Make a commitment to your project
During class: Work at your own pace on your own projects. Use Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastels, Alcohol Ink,
Casein, Ink, Oil (water-miscible or odorless solvents). Instructor assistance and demos provided.  Learn more
about: color, line, values, products, perspective, composition, design & lots of techniques! The fee is $30 per
session. Come for one or both the same day.

ovember Sessions:

November 4 and November 18 - 10-1 PM

Tuesday Evening: N
ovember 5 & November 19 – 6-9 PM

Wednesday: N
ovember 6 and November 20 - 11-2 PM