Why I Paint and Teach...

Fine Art Painting with Innovation and Creativity

My artistic goal is to explore the strengths and limitations of art materials while showing my personal view of the world.  Art
materials can be mixed and co-mingled to create dazzling effects, a landscape's subtle colors can be transformed into vibrant hues,
and simple still life forms pushed into new shapes and colors.  The dull can blossom into beauty through artistic vision, innovation
and creativity.

People have transformed the land into interesting geometric shapes which we often miss in our everyday travel. Ribbon roads,
angular buildings and quaint country landscapes are there for all of us to experience and yet, these everyday experiences can be
viewed in fresh, creative ways by using angular forms, value shifts, color changes and art material innovations.

My goal is to explore history, trends and new innovations in fine art with you. Together, we can explore how I use my digital
camera to capture realism and (then discover how to) transform the ordinary into fine art that speaks to the present.  I hope to
encourage one and all to express their unique creativity and emotion through art.  Please join me in this journey.